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    Thanks again for all of the replies. This gives me a list of several games to check out.

    Please, if you suggest a game that needs supporting files or libraries that are not part of a clean MorphOS2.7 install, let me know what the file/library dependencies are and where I can find them. I hope that some of these games will make it into the Grunch databases, so they can be installed, updated and removed easily. I love Grunch and think it is one of the most important MorphOS programs for users like me that are not as comfortable at setting up programs and games which need extra files, libraries, patches, etc. so they will work properly.

    Grunch will also be very important to the dozens of new MorphOS users that register their G4 PowerBook's as soon as MorphOS3.0 is released. If you are a Grunch user please consider donating to the Grunch author. After sending in my donation I was shocked to find out how few people have donated to the author for that program. We MUST support our MorphOS programmers, if we want them to continue to write code for good MorphOS programs and games.

    Anyone else thinking about replying to this thread, please make a list like kozer's, of your favorite games to play on a MorphOS computer. What games are the "Must Have's" that every MorphOS user should have installed on their computer?

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