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    > Do you have taken away your user-startup entry:
    > C:PatchLoadSegOS4 >NIL:

    No, as I've never had such an entry in my user-startup. I used to start OS4Emu from within the Napalm start script. And yes, I've taken that entry away after I installed the MorphOS-native cdplayer.library.

    > after this the instalation does say: unable to open library ... ok

    Try duplicating the MorphOS-native cdplayer.library into Napalm's own library subdirectory. For whatever reason, this seems to make a difference here.

    > I have installed RTG.master for MorphOS.

    As we've established in the "Naapalm on MorphOS" thread, patched Napalm doesn't use RTGMaster at all, so it should make no difference if you have it installed or not.

    > after the click Boom picture everything went black and stays that way.
    > What am I doing wrong?

    I don't know, unfortunately.
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