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    > Have you tried to start the game without OS4 emu ?

    Yes, of course. And it works.

    > the cd.library is not the reason why you need the OS4 emu.

    Interesting, as so far I've thought it was the very reason. What's the reason then?

    Do you have taken away your user-startup entry:
    C:PatchLoadSegOS4 >NIL:

    after this the instalation does say: unable to open library ... ok

    I have installed everything new to a nother partition v1.4 and installed the native cdplayer.library.
    I have installed RTG.master for MorphOS.
    And after the click Boom picture everything went black and stays that way.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    CD32 TF330 SILP Wifi- PowerBook 1,67GHz 1GB/100GB - MorphOS 3 reg. 1455 IMac Isight
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