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    > Have you tried to start the game without OS4 emu ?

    Yes, of course. And it works.

    > the cd.library is not the reason why you need the OS4 emu.

    Interesting, as so far I've thought it was the very reason. What's the reason then?

    > is there really no button to skip the intro ?

    At least none that I'm aware of. I remember that this was a reason for severe censure towards Epic/RuneSoft back then.

    > it runs native and that is reason enough to buy the cd.

    Opposed to what some people might claim, ScummVM is *not* an emulator. So the games running via ScummVM *are* running as natively as native can be, i.e. not any less native than running Feeble Files via Epic/RuneSoft's executable.
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