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    > Napalm [...] needs [...] OS4 emu

    Does it?

    Have you tried to start the game without OS4 emu ? the cd.library is not the reason why you need the OS4 emu.
    But if you are able to start it in any other way, let me know. Because I don't need OS4 emu for anything else.
    By the way cd Audio doesn't work with idemacio.device if there is any solution, I'm eager to hear/read it.


    > FeebleFiles

    Recommendation regarding that:

    I should have read this earlier, is there really no button to skip the intro ? ok, but it runs native and that is reason
    enough to buy the cd.


    - Wipeout 2097

    I've been searching for this game a long time now. Do you know a Amiga seller who sells Wipeout 2097 ?

    thanks for the info :-)
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