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    I like strategy games

    If you have a copy of Napalm, I would suggest you to try it on MorphOS (it needs a view patching and OS4 emu) it runs faster and better than it had
    done on my 68060 amiga 4000 with cv64-3d. Quake 1 works with GLPanQuake Port and Earth 2140 works out of the Box with the Amiga version.
    Nativ Games like the Ketm shooter 1941 are cool in the demo and really great in full version (it cost me less then 2 Euro from HunoPPC).
    Gianas Return is one of my first MorphOS Games and I played it for many hours (with my competition Pro joystick). As jPV said Boxikon is a nice
    game for an hour or two. If you like childrens Games like Word me Up XXL (its a bit more expensive, 20 Euro) there is a demo for OS4 and MorphOS.
    I have bought FeebleFiles and it works without problems on MorphOS 2.7. Knights and Merchants looks good in the Demo if you like such Games.
    I have installed Myst on MorphOS and it seems to work. There is quiet a lot to play :-)

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