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    I am not a gamer at all, so I don't know what games are good and which are a waste of time to even try.

    I would like to try out a few games on MorphOS2.7, or even on my G4 PowerBook with the old beta version of MorphOS3.0 that I was allowed to show at last Oct. AmiWest Show.

    Can any of you MorphOS users who play games on MorphOS2.7 suggest a few games for me to try out? I was thinking of maybe buying the Heretic II game, or Quake 2, or FreeSpace, but don't really have any idea which games run well on MorphOS, or which games have good game play and graphics and are recommended by other MorphOS users.

    I tried browsing through the game forum here on MZ.org, but did not see much in the way of reviews, or discussions about game play. Most of the threads seemed to be about what tweaks, or patches are needed to get some games to work on MorphOS.

    I would prefer to try some games that don't need too much fiddling with to get them to run on MorphOS, and preferably not games that need emulators like Mame, or some other kind of emulator like those that allow the running of PS2 games, or PSX games, or Gameboy games.

    I might have to use some of these emulators to try out some other games later, but for right now, I would like to start out with MorphOS ports, or native games (if such a thing exists), or Amiga games that work on MorphOS with or without the addition of a patch or extra files/libraries, etc.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I like strategy games and turn based RPG games usually, but I am willing to try some real time RPG, or First Person Shooter games for a change of pace (though I am sure I will suck at such games).

    Edit: As I stated in the Heretic II thread, I have a 9pin to USB adapter, so I can use my old Amiga joysticks in a USB port, but I don't know how well it works, or if it's response time is acceptable for most games. I don't currently own any USB joysticks, or joypads, so I am open to suggestions on which ones are best to purchase. I had heard that some USB joysticks were really slow responding, so they were unusable for some games.

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