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    I see that r_usedrawinteraction0 0 fixes lighting issues.

    Old ARB rendering is working since TexGen functions were fixed for 300+ a while ago.

    r_usedrawinteraction0 was my workaround till those functions were sorted out....

    ... and I wondered why no one checked that, but whatever :)

    So for 300+ gfx cards using latest TinyGL driver:

    r_usedrawinteraction 0
    r_skipFogLights 0
    r_skipLightScale 0


    in R2 release - mouse works and mainscreen gui doesn't have glitches

    After version 5 something weird happened that affected some hardware out there.
    I blame the issue since the upgrade of OpenAL library but could be anything in between.

    The video is from a recompiled old r5 release with SDL2 link library from recent github and some changes here and there: For those daring to compile, now you have the clues.

    BeWorld recent D3 source experiments help: It even work for any hardware (I have to investigate that).

    Obviously shader support needs more work for this kind of game among other issues already exposed.

    Thanks to Papiosaur, now I have access to this (problematic) hardware to continue my research.

    Big applause to him.

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