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    I can't get r6 to load. It crashes with a keyboard error consistently.

    @IKE I know about this issue with some gfx cards. Still don't know if it's about Dhewm3 or SDL2 upgrades. Have to update some code sources for the game and link all with new TGL and SDL2.


    Maybe porting Doom 3 wasn't the best option, because MorphOS and the computers we use are a bit inferior to the needs of the game.

    @Templario. "Maybe" is a word I use quite often that I have to remind to change to "What if".

    "Maybe" -> "If fails, back to what is known": Safe.
    "What if" -> Dare to do things no matter the result. As we don't deal with brain surgery procedures, you're allowed to fail with no harm: Serendipity. Knowledge. Progress.
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