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    @Templario: On the contrary, it seems a perfect match for top-notch MoprhOS hardware! ;-)

    Doom 3 was released 2004 at a time where single core Pentium 4 was mainstream and 64bit CPUs for regular users still being a niche (Athlon 64, PowerPC G5). >1 Ghz G4 hardware was top notch, G5 was da new hot shit (no poor student could afford at that time ;-) ).

    On the Windows side minimum system requirements were Pentium®IV 1.5 GHz or Athlon® XP 1500+, 384MB RAM, DirectX® 9.0b compatible card w. 64MB (Radeon 8500, 9x00 or GeForce 3/4/FX). It was even ported to the original Xbox which had a Pentium 3 733 Mhz CPU + 64 MB RAM + GeForce 3.

    I played it extensively on my PC that time which was a bit above minimum specs (but not much) and it ran pretty well!
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