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    What is current ProjectUAC MOS_progress?

    Still ongoing. No updates on github doesn't mean I'm not testing things.

    Wonder what is the state of shaders for this project: Besides the usual suspects, did someone checked SDL2TinyGL53 and recompile the whole stuff ?


    Any chance of OS3 RTG Software render port, just as tech demo? :)))) Would try it on X13 V2 in lowest settings.

    A software render port is out of question. An OS3 warpos minigl port ? Maybe:

    - Bypass SDL2 code. Rebuild what is missing.
    - Move out OpenAL stuff: Do an alternative.
    - Bypass the missing opengl stuff in minigl (dare to remove all VBO code and use simple vertex arrays calls. Same with multitextures support, etc): See what happens.
    - Use my MOS sources. Check old idq3 sources. Check other ports. Modify minigl. See my Ami Q3 engines. Modify code.
    - Puke.
    - Pay me some euros ending with 000. No guarantees.

    - Find a big Amiga box with more than 512mg ram, a beffy gfx card and a souped-up PPC G4.

    Result: A slideshown similar visually to the nowadays MOS port and a picture of me going to a Psycho Clinic.

    Note: Actually I did a preliminary build of this project with no SDL at all.
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