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    Comparatives and code experts:

    What it is available is used and when results aren't the expected you stop or do a workaround.

    When you got no shaders support for the nowadays Dhewm3 game simply can't work by default.

    The only way to render something on screen is bypass what stops the initialization and keep going till you find something: The old draw_arb.cpp Id-Doom3 code and reinstate it again.

    Basically what this MOS project does.

    "Why it looks that way ?" This question is asked quite often and people seems to not understand: Multitexturing by the use of Texgen functions fails here.

    Period. Get over it. Wait some time and it will be fixed.

    How works here then ? Just a look at "RB_ARB_DrawInteraction0" inside draw_arb.cpp.

    Pretty self explanatory.

    It is possible to do another workaround binding more textures and try to blend them? Yep, but you will end doing calculations in a place that will hurt performance. Not the point now. Shaders do that by the way, due to inexistent Texgen functions on modern opengl drivers.

    DrawInteraction0 is enabled by default and fog is skipped by default (fog functions use Texgen).

    Bumpmapping: No support for GL_ARB_texture_cube_map and GL_DOT3_RGBA_ARB. Doesn't make sense now because the need of multitexturing.

    I did an explicit bypass for cubemap images because original D3 keeps loading from disk in gametime something that at the end will never work. Example the flying ship when you start the game (very slow even for a modern PC).

    None of those changes (and more) are in IdDoom3, Dhewm3, D3wasm, etc.

    Compare things when they are at the fair point: What about my macmini G4 1.4 cpu vs X5000 ?

    Code experts out there could explain why a line like this:

    common->Printf( "-----Alloc more headers out. Size = %in", block->size );

    Could end looking like this on screen:

    -----Alloc more headers out

    I leave it there.

    Just for idiots who cannot keep beating the dead horse instead of seeing some Netflix or porn:
    Can we see again online the movie "Doom3 AmigaOS 4x part 4 driver GL small Fix, now light effects" ?
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