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    Checked latest (r4) build yesterday: initially I tried a ripped / prepatched Doom 3 pack I found on the net and although dhewm3 PC version worked on it, MorphOS's port didn't. So I proceeded the hard route, installed original Doom 3, patched it, copied base paks and port worked. It was a magical moment seeing Doom 3 intro on MorphOS. However, it seems to be quite unstable in my system, got 2 out of 3 times *Application is Meditating* which freeze my system completely and had to hard reboot. Also, I am getting a DLL Output that Doom is not an executable, which beats me what means. Regarding performance, I was getting from 7 fps on wide scenes (opening scene) to 25-30 on close range but given I am on an old AGP 2x I am quite happy tbh. Has anyone tried any supporting mod? Or does it require a different build or .so? Especially Hard Corps which was released recently is quite impressive that I checked on the PC.
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