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    I have to do another release (r3).

    What is known now:

    -The problems with the first level in the Hangar were due to the fog functions that use Texgen (bugged) so that made crazy textures dancing or covered most of the screen in "red".

    -To my understanding, the crucial part that renders basically all is located in VertexCache.cpp that makes use of the VBO functions at massive scale. The shaking models/heads appears to be a symptom of the render driver trying to update newer textures while older ones still waiting to be removed. And of course, lag and glitches when too many cache allocations happen in a frame.

    Some of the upgrades in VertexCache.cpp are from different doom3 ports/mods. Yep I'm aware of all of them but none of them talk about those issues other than RADEON/AMD cards have a different way of doing things and new code tries to (partially) fix that.

    I don't know about other MOS programs that use VBO functions so I don't know if they are working as expected.
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