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    Did someone realize that in my latest "Project UAC" video the first scene kinda works?

    I got a theory that lights, textures and entities that go beyond some boundaries are the cause of the render errors all the way.

    In the testing video two functions that check a certain situation exceeding > 1024, I make it return from those instead of continuing the drawing that normally the engine does.

    And that happens all over the place: The debug option "r_checkBounds" spits a whole bunch of problems in the original game but it does nothing about it. (tr_light.cpp).

    The bypassed option test I did is where "r_showUpdates" is called in tr_lightrun.cpp (and more): In the first scene (the hangar) the problems are more apparent.

    The missing model bodies, the shaking model heads and general gfx glitches here and there have probably a root cause in those referenced boundaries.

    I checked a whole bunch of source code ports for different systems and no apparent problems are in those versions.

    Morphos gfx drivers allergic to this engine? All is theory.

    And no response from MOS developers about why texture mapping fails to do its thing.
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