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    So far:

    Two bugs (and a half?). One is related to "brightness" of the scenes and the other the failure of representing the models.

    - You can dim the lights with r_skipLightScale.
    - Models rendering can be seen somewhat with r_skipUpdates (heads still shake).

    The other half bug happens in the first scene in the hangar: In my system is basically all red with some spots till entering the labs. In other systems with more vram or other gfx cards is a triangle/texture dance.

    Still shims of black triangles and quads here and there, probably related to models and scene render.

    My workaround for the scenes to be viewed implied leaving out a couple of binding textures and keeping the one that has all colours.

    Did some tests and concluded that texture mapping fails in the driver (glTexGenfv).
    Got a couple of simple glut programs that also fail to work with that function (probably more are involved).

    Not much can be done for now till this is resolved by the morphos team developers.

    Some bugfixes for mirrors and cleanup for draw_arb soon.

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