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    Ok we got 3D and IT`S GREAT, but I think it would be cool if some folks put up tutorials of what they did to make them work. Such as when I installed Descent Freespace. I had to change the player folder from read-only to write, so I could save my player. WipeOut 2097 installed easy, but the computer locks up in the second track. With Shogo, I had to disable the movies to have in game sound. I still haven`t got Heretic2 to work, or Quake2 or even Quake3. The installer will copy the pc files, but after says not installed run the installer.
    I think it would be a good idea to have tutorials on how to install these kinds of programs. It would help some of us that just can`t figure these things out, or instead of goings through pages forums looking for the answers.
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