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    magnetic wrote:

    Easy man! Kiero is not in a "secret users club" he is a developer. Unfortunately, it seems he has been running so called "1.5 " for some time now and uses components in it for development projects...

    Unfortunately? :-?
    Anyway, kiero is not just a developer, he's part of the MOS team (working on Ambient, and, more relevant to the topic, he's the author of tinygl.library). Since he is in charge of the OpenGL implementation in MOS, I find it quite uderstandable that he is testing his work by porting some complex games... I don't think I could criticize anything, instead I'm thankful for the work he (and the others as well) is doing. We'll get it when everything will be on place, debugged and working.


    My main issue is the lack of communication, no feature set, and no news.

    I would normally agree. But then, as you can see, people would accuse them of teasing us. So maybe they're doing the right thing.

    Consider this as a proof work keeps getting done, not as a tease. That's quite normal (that the development version is ahead than the public one), and is actually a good thing. We'll eventually get everything soon(ish).

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