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    Off-topic: Now as I have some RAR archives on my HD how can I decompress these RAR archives such as the Amiga ROMS RAR archive? This is very important to me


    From Shell you can use UnRAR : https://www.morphos-storage.net/?id=1728671
    From within RNOArchives use the xad-rar plugin : https://www.morphos-storage.net/?id=1531962

    Thank you very much SkulleateR!!!! I notice your nickname so and I want to ask: Do you like Heavy Metal? I like Heavy Metal a lot with bands such Agent Steel,Accept,Judas Priest,Nasty Savage,Sacred Steel;Centvrion,Candlemass (Doom Metal),Rage,King Diamond,Mercyful Fate,DIO,Black Sabbath,Grave Digger.,Sanctuary to only name a few.I bet and I know there are some Metal-Heads on the Amiga comunnity

    I will try now the UnRAR from a shell and the RNOArchive xar-RAR plugin.
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