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    bearerofthetorch a écrit :

    I have 2432 Amstrad CPC roms in Zip format but with DirOpus 4 I only can extract 'em one by one.

    How can I extract all at the same time? I cannot or musn't configure well the filetypes in DirOpus config

    I really want to extract all these Zip files to try on ACE Amstrad emulator.

    Hope you can help me


    Try with RNOArchive

    I already have RNOArchive version 1.1 and I was asking about to decompress all 2416 Amstrad zip files all at the same time,not one by one and I tried RNOArchive last day on Monday after some tries I only reached too a point of no return because I only managed to extract some Disk Amstrad roms one at the same time not all.

    Hope I speaked clearly and you understood

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