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    beworld wrote:
    so save on MorphOS cause problem... mmmm
    I check that (maybe one more Bigendian problem)

    It's not saving problem.

    I've figured it out!
    As you pass the Temple test you should have your status changed from "tribal" to "vault dweller" (you should not any longer look like a villager but you should get the blue outfit). But the MorphOS version doesn't do that (it even skips the video showing you the outfit) and just gets you back into the village in tribal outfit.

    From what I understand, as the tribals don't use firearms, the game has got neither player model with gun in hand (hence the invisibility) nor the animation of a tribal firing (hence you cannot really fire). Tadaaam!

    Here's the save just before exiting the temple:


    unpack it and put it in game/data/SAVEGAME folder. It will be on position 10.

    if you load it on MorphOS and exit the door, you're still tribal.
    If you do so on Windows, you're a vault dweller.

    But the "sound" bug is still there :)

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