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    First of all - big thanks to BeWorld for making Fallout 2 on MorphOS possible!

    As I've decided to give the game a go I've stumbled upon a few issues though.

    1. The weapon slots (right/left "hand" or how you call it) aren't working as expected - most of the time the weapon isn't swapped when the red button is pressed.
    2. I cannot fire a gun - it's loaded and ready, and full of action points but somehow the weapon cannot be fired.
    3. The characters that speak to us (we hear their voice) sound like they speek to fast (it's like listening to some chipmunks).
    4. Sometimes our character dissapears when stationary (and can be seen only as he is moving).

    I'm using the Steam version of the game.
    Anyone noticed such game behaviour?
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