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    Hi everyone!

    I apologise for the lack of updates regarding AmiGameJam 2022 but I do have some exciting news to announce now.

    We have on-board with us two excellent judges for the jam! The first is Dan Wood, YouTube celebrity and host of The Retro Hour podcast!

    Our second judge who will be joining us is known as The Bard, of the Bardic Broadcasts channel on YouTube. He's most well-known for his hilarious "The Best Thing about HeroQuest" video. He is also a fan of the Amiga and often plays Amiga sword and sorcery games on Twitch.

    A big thank you goes to them for agreeing to be judges for the AmiGameJam competition!

    Stay tuned for more updates coming soon and don't forget to tell your friends in the Amiga community!

    Check out https://itch.io/jam/amigamejam for more info.
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