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    Hi fellow Amiga enthusiasts! I'm very happy to announce that the next AmiGameJam contest has started! This year, the theme is "Sword & Sorcery" where you will have the opportunity to create an original game for the Amiga.

    We have some fantastic judges and prizes lined up for this competition and will be announcing the details for those later on once it's all been confirmed.

    As usual, games can be entered in two different categories - "Classic OCS/AGA" and Next-Gen Amigas (Aros, MorphOS, OS4 and Vampire). Entries should be submitted by the 1st of May and the judging will begin shortly after that which will give you six months to work on an entry. The community will have a chance to rate each entry, the results of which will be presented and tallied alongside the ratings given by our celebrity judges on our live awards show hosted by AmigaBill on Twitch.

    No ports will be allowed this time as this is original games only, and all entries should fit within the "Sword & Sorcery" theme.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about the jam or if you think you could help out by being a sponsor or donating prizes.

    I'm looking forward to seeing all of your entries!

    Thank you all for making the Amiga scene as awesome as it is, and good luck to everyone wishing to enter!

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