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    i found a bug

    @primax mozzerfan

    You can find SDL 2.0.16 with fix here : https://www.morphos-storage.net/upload/test/SDL_2.0.16_Libraries.lha

    Can you test before i put it in real morphos storage ? thanks


    Detection Altivec seem good but for some reason, SDL2 crash.

    HasAltiVec return 0 in all SDL2, so it's good. (i test with NOALTIVEC in boot)

    the crash is here :

    but when HasAltiVec=0, this code isnt execute (normal) but CRASH...
    if i comment this code into condition then WORKING....
    I dont understand why....

    To fix the bug, i only delete all call of SDL_CopyAndSwap16/32 in SDL2/SDL2_Mixer/SDL_Image
    I think it's not necessary to have that, in original version of SDL2 is not present, i add that why time to optimize... but it may not be a good idea to do this.
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