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    I build last master (not BSzili ?), and i test sq45

    Worse.... not working here...

    ERROR: Unable to determine game data. (Searched in: ./)

    User picked target 'sq45' (engine ID 'ags', game ID 'sq45')...
    Looking for a plugin supporting this target... Adventure Game Studio
    Running Space Quest IV.5 - Roger Wilco And The Voyage Home
    SQ4,5.exe: 5cd8db602cedc8f04cd3ca290a4a2693, 6886082 bytes.
    WARNING: TODO: SetCurrentDirectory: Games:ScummVM/games/SQ45/!
    Initializing backend libs
    Initializing game data

    I continue to test, but ./ with MorphOS seem not a good idea.

    path information: (same here not really amigaos/morphos friendly ?)

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