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    Ok so I did my own Grim/scummvm minimalistic recompilation:

    So far checked shadows issues:

    Basically stencil functions are completely ignored. Checked engines/grim/gfx_opengl.cpp source with a debian scummvm build.

    In GfxOpenGL::drawShadowPlanes() if I disable whatever stencil call, I get the same failures as the MOS version (of course).

    Furthermore, removing the stencil disable in GfxOpenGL::clearShadowMode() I get a black screen (as supossed). In MOS version screen is still rendered.

    So well, I don't know if it's a "feature" of SDLMOS library or R200 library. I know for sure that asking with SDL functions about OpenGL attributes it always shows that Stencil is "0", same as depth. Ignored?
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