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    Testing Grim:

    On R200 driver shadows and culling fails in some scenes: Shadow is "double done" in some parts or stretched irregularly. Culling fails happen when going to elevators and so (you see the character instead of being "removed") or like in first screen you see the secretary being fully showed contrary to being behind the desk.

    I see in console output that opengl info says that Alpha Bits, Z buffer depth bits, Double buffer and Stencil Buffer bits are "0" (strange that a linux build says the same).

    No fps is showed with window or fullscreen. Scummvm 2.6 has same problems in my system.

    As a side note while going to menu (and game screen is not cleared/dimmed as noted before), the option load/save does clean the screen perfectly.

    Talking of culling I saw in another games or little opengl programs that this option doesn't always work. Some examples: The typical glu teapot, some level from Jedi Outcast or Doom3 in some instances.
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