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    Cool_amigaN wrote:
    Arx Fatalis plays good for me too, same as NewSense (including the tearing on cutscenes :P). Think I had downloaded an iso from the web many years ago. Why don't you try archive.org? It has a very recent redump..

    edit: Btw, think that Ion Fury requires shaders, doesn't it?

    I'll try swapping the data with the ones from a previous version.

    IMO Ion Fury really requires hardware acceleration to be playable on MorphOS. I've finished the game, but only because I used cheat codes. The occasional massive FPS drops in software mode make the game unplayable even on a beefed up PowerMac G5. I gave up trying to fight the boss robot in D.C. Meltdown.

    Go figure: Power Mac G5 2,7 GHz, 640x480 window
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