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    NewSense wrote:
    I've played the game a bit, but not had the issues you've mentioned. When the game was first released I ended up with the Russian version as the default, and it took a while for this to be resolved, but I use the v1.1.2 'Rhaa Movis' version now and it basically plays as expected, though there is some graphics tearing on the initial cutscenes, but nothing that's worthy of mentioning as a problem.

    Kultar appears in the adjacent cell, offering words of advice and commenting on the 'gobblers', and after he is released he is present for a while and never seems to be in armour or rushing over to kill the main character.

    You seem to have a rogue version there. Which version is installed on your system?

    It's a 1.21 version (the current GOG.com version of the game).
    Thanks for your reply. From what you say it seems the port is working fine, just some version conflict probably (maybe too new to work with our port, the same case as with Ion Fury?).
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