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    I've recently decided to give the Arx Fatalis a shot. Purchased a PC version on GOG.com, moved the data to my MorphOS machine and ran the Arx Libertatis port. At first it worked as expected, but then I stumbled across a few quirks (bugs?) in the game.

    Firstly - as we start in a goblin prison cell, there should be Kultar, a friendly NPC in the next cell. As a matter of fact he is there, but fully armoured, wielding a sword, casting some defensive spells and he's quite far from being friendly. As soon as I open his cell he rushes at killing me instantly.

    Secondly - the goblins are not willing to fight me. They just stay in place and stare blankly as I land my blows on them (no other enemy acts like that, i.e. rats and spiders are as hostile as they should). Moreover, as goblins die their bodies disappear in some kind of explosion. This leads us to a dead end, as a goblin leader from the third level should have a spare lever by his body enabling me to open the passage to the next location.

    Lastly - there's no way to cast a spell. The runes I find are added to my spell book, but I cannot see te book itself (no spell book marker in the game book, and the F2 key doesn't show it as well). When I try to cast the spell "by hand" the game acts like I don't have the runes needed (they appear on the screen but with a red X on them and my character says "I can't cast this spell yet").

    Anyone of you played the Arx Libertatis on MorphOS? Maybe it's the game version that's causing the unexpected behaviour? It's newer than the one suggested in port readme and won't install automatically (manual file copying was needed).
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