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    > Nova

    There seem to be some flaws in this diagram:

    - since MorphOS v3.0, TinyGL doesn't use Rave3D
    - Rave3D and Goa3D are still there for Voodoo and Radeon R100/R200
    - this means: Rave3D/Goa3D and TinyGL/Wazp3D should be disconnected
    - 2D RTG API missing

    - Wazp3D uses Mesa3D, not Gallium3D directly
    - 2D RTG API missing

    AmigaOS (left side):
    - "CyperGL" should be "CyberGL"
    - Doesn't CyberGL use Rave3D?

    AmigaOS (right side):
    - MiniGL uses Warp3D, not P96 directly
    - OpenGLES2 missing between Warp3D Nova and GL4ES
    - MiniGL4GL4ES missing

    - Didn't OS4 integrate all former P96 functions directly into their graphics.library at some point?
    - Why are Warp3D Nova, OpenGLES2, GL4ES and MiniGL4GL4ES outside the box?
    - Warp2D missing

    Edit: adapted to new version of the diagram, mentioned missing Warp2D

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