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    I'm no programmer, so I'm just putting this out there, but would a port of Virtual Grand Prix 3 be possible?

    I've done a bit of digging around (in the last 30 minutes) and seen in an interview here from 2019;

    https://amigatronics.wordpress.com/2019/03/24/amigatronics-virtual-interview-with-paolo-cattani-the-alien-bonus/, the author Paolo Cattani say the following;

    "31- Is it likely that VGP3 will also come out for MorphOS and even, OS4 or AROS, or even more amazingly, an improved version for AGA machines?

    31: VGP3 was available for Windows and OS X only, because it required at LEAST the OpenGL V2.0 specifications that were not available for MorphOS or OS4.
    I don’t know how the situation is at the moment, given the fact that OpenGL is currently at V4.x maybe a 2.0 version is now available on MorphOS or OS4. In that case, a porting of the VGP3 engine could be possible…"

    Like I say, I'm no programmer so I don't know what TinyGL can do, but if the source code was available could this be ported?

    I've also noted that Paolo appears to have the following website now;


    Where he seems to hint that he might be releasing the source code later this year.
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