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    @ beworld - I'm still at the stage of . . . what do you do with the Makefile.morphos in the FluidLite archive? :-?

    I had expected to find an executable or file that can readily be placed in the ScummVM game folder that relates to a game that is supported by FluidSynth/FluidLite to be able to be used without doing any program compiling, or am I missing something in the archive? :-?

    You mention v2.3.0. GIT of FluidSynth/FluidLite (on this thread) - but where is that package to download - a weblink would be good/beneficial/make it easier to figure out what is required, including a step-by-step guide of how to download, complete the Makefile procedure, and set it up.

    Including which version(s) as a minimum is required of ScummVM, SDL library, FluidLite, etc. to get it all working harmoniously so it is all up to date.

    I am sure we are all grateful for all the work you (beworld & BSzili) have done on all these packages, but some guidance would be helpful, well it would certainly be for me. 8-D
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