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    jPV wrote:

    Zetec-s wrote:
    Issue seems to be my gamepad then. Does EUAE support the lowlevel library or do I need to set the gamepad up? The USB one I use is find in stuff like Tower57.

    E-UAE works via lowlevel.library, but Tower57 uses sensors.library I think. So you'd need a digital controller that works on lowlevel.library... or alternatively you can configure the pack to use keyboard instead of joystick (edit the .uaerc file joyport(s) as kbd1, kbd2 or so).

    Here's more about setting the controllers:

    Thanks for your help.

    Looking into this further does it make a difference if the controller uses the xbox360 USB driver or the HID USB driver? My controller seems to use the X360 driver, does that mean it won't work with the low level library?
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