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    jPV wrote:

    Zetec-s wrote:
    I've now got it running but I can't get to a match. When I get to the point where you select "Play/Coach Match" I press enter and nothing happens. It doesn't freeze as I can still move around the menus I just can't select "Play/Coach Match". No idea what I am doing wrong.

    You should press fire on the controller at that point, generic keyboard controls don't work for that, because controllers are assigned in this way in SWOS. For example, in two players game who presses the button on his joystick at that point gets the visible team under his control.

    Ok, that makes sense and also brings back from distant memories about playing SWOS back in the 90's.

    Issue seems to be my gamepad then. Does EUAE support the lowlevel library or do I need to set the gamepad up? The USB one I use is find in stuff like Tower57.
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