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    Gave another go with Planetscape Torment and no go as well (GOG version and PC installed).

    I have no idea why the binary checks on all sort of weird folders plus it mentions cds that don' event exist for the game i.e: "PROGDIR:pst/CD5/data (CD5/data)" or "Work:Games/Gemrb/pst/CD5/data (CD5/data)", huh?

    It also doesn't search for standard pc installed game folder since CD1 throws all data (*.bif) on root folder and not on CD1 or CD1/Data. CD2 - CD4 also have files on root folders. Created a data dir placed all data to every and couldn't trace them as well plus it fucks up the chitin.key which basically instructs internally the game about these paths.

    What about the override folder that comes with the binary? Should them be copied or replace same foders per each game?

    Finally I get an "ImportError: No module named site" which I think is related to python?

    Anyway, same games, same data folders, same versions work correctly on OS4.

    edit: Saw dev's post with his dir list. Will give Bg2 another go asap..

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