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    Even further tests :)

    Beat Em Up Ultimate Alliance is a recent mod (2019). In some forums it's listed as beta in some others as complete. Works great though and can be downloaded here. It's an extremely good remix of various beat 'em ups and it's based on SOR2X (hence it's solid;)). Big pack (360MB HD) and requires a lot of free ram (approx 500MB, depending on the level).

    Btw, the rather old but famous Balance of Power also works great. Used to be one of the greatest brawlers on OpenBOR community but imo today shows a lot of its age. It's fine for nostalgic reasons but if you haven't played it, skip it, as there as better games around.

    Pestilaence has been released just a month ago. Works great. It has a horror theme as cross mix between Splatterhouse / Evil Dead with Postal / Resident Evil atmosphere. Don't really liked but if you appreciate the genre, be sure to play it.

    Street Fighter Taiwan, is also a very interesting remix with a background set of.. yeap, you guessed it, Taiwan :P It's small and compact and you can download it, here.

    TURRICAN vs TERMINATOR is another recent mod (2021) that works great too and deserves a home on morphos-storage imo. It's a crossover from our beloved Turri vs Terminator-like and similarly inspired enemies shoot 'em up. Be sure to give it a chance! You can download it,
    here :)

    X-Men Hunter for Mutants works too. It's an intermediate release (2016), has some interesting gameplay concepts but overall is rather weak and doesn't deserve a lot of attention. You can give it a go, here.

    Edit: Papio, check your PM. Also, when you have some free time, pls check GI Joe and let me know if it works for you.

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