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    Ah, didn't test it with SDL on ver. 6391, good catch. Nevertheless, pls include a readme, on how the user should be using it, imo.


    Noted. Hope Mark can finish it fast, so we can have a new perfected version of OpenBOR :)


    Knights and Dragons - The Endless Quest, created by Pierwolf is probably the best Dungeons & Dragons available on OpenBOR. Latest version (3.3), can be safely downloaded here (Chronochrash's link seems broken to me). This game is rather old but used to be incompatible with previous versions of OpenBOR, however now works perfectly with latest one (OpenGL too). Difficult game, you must use defense button when fighting 'cause your health gauge is minimum.

    Final Fight Apocalypse - 2nd Edition works fine too. Created by Mr. Q (Rhythm of Destruction, Art of Fighting, Double Dragon series), it's rather old and could be considered as a DLC under modern gaming language, since it's more or less of the same characters with same moves under different background set. It's fine for a spin but not as good as other options discussed in the thread.

    Final Fight and Cadillacs (ver. 2.0) is much more interesting while being a much newer mod too (2021). Though the game loads and plays fine in the beginning, after 2nd stage it starts to lose fps up to the point it crawls and becomes unplayable. This, on a G4@1.6Ghz, perhaps a thorough test under G5 would be useful imo.

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