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    Hi Primax,

    sorry i have changed the name of the archive and the link has changed:


    One question this game with OpenBor is a special version to runs the game or I can donwload the Bor game in the official site?

    Imo, just download it from morphos-storage the way it is. With openbor mods you never know when they break, where can be found (from google drive, to mediafire, gamejolt and official chronocrash download resource section) and/or if newer ported engine versions or enhanced/updated mod packs might result to incompatibilities (especially the latter is true to our platform given the extremely long time we had to wait till someone - BeWorld - started to take care of OpenBOR port again).

    Anyway, especially for "Super Final Fight Gold Plus"my posted link above think was hunt and cross posted from development thread over at chronocrash and was the latest version available.
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