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    Thanks Papi! Think we can isolate the creme de la creme of compatible OpenBOR games. Between 2010-2016 I had a collection of 8.5GB which about 5.6GB worked on MorphOS. I am not highlighting in this thread the first generation mod gems such as: Crime Buster, Ryth of Destruction, Golden Axe Legacy or Tale of Vengeance,since I am assuming most people must be aware of those, only newly or heavily updated versions which I had first tested/completed. So, here's another one:

    World Heroes Supreme Justice Extra Bootleg is a newly revised version (2022) of the originally developed in 2012 by a fellow Greek modder, released next year and further updated in 2018 mod. This is the only World Heroes mod available on OpenBOR. The new update features 4players co-op (instead of2), Rush mode (the most attractive imo) and greater enemies variation. Takes about 45 min. to finish. Big sprites (on the likes of Fightin' Spirit), frenzy paced and cool sound effects, be sure not to miss it! Extract PAK from the windows build, here.
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