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    OK guys. Did anybody try the game on a G5? Cause occasionaly I get series of repeated crashes on some locations. It looks like that:


    10 game crashes
    20 reboot
    30 load
    40 make two steps forward
    50 goto 10

    Sometimes I'm able to overcome that if I save like every step I make up to some point. I was told the game doesn't behave like that on a G4 hardware (although I cannot imagine anybody who could actually play the game on a G4 machine).

    Also on some locations (especially the big, spacious ones) the game tends to run quite normally and then s-l-o-w-s up to a pause (if I'm lucky I won't get killed then) and then unlocks and lets me play further.

    Also, any tricks for more FPS? I run the game in a 640x480 window. I see there's a key for altering changing the screen size, but that affects only the HUD, and not the screen.
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