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    waldiamiga wrote:
    The version I have works, unfortunately very slow, maybe G5/2.7Ghz he would make it.

    Here's how it works on G5/2,7 GHz (640x480, windowed - playable, but with accidental terrible slowdowns):

    YouTube video

    By the way: If you wish to try it yourselves, it seems that the newest version of Ion Fury (v 1.02, available on GOG.com) doesn't work with eDuke. Look for 1.0. Correct MD5 sums for needed game files are:

    fury.def: 68f4b7e312bbaf6e7fd564ca2ba552ad
    fury.grp: 050a1016d230a7ec34a54c630a578d41
    fury.grpinfo: bfd8c286567f5a8a93bd3a039435c419
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