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    Korni wrote:
    Unfortunately Ion Fury is much more demanding than Duke Nukem 3D and runs at ~10FPS on a G4 1.67GHz. Regular Duke runs around 60FPS in 640x480 sw but that's not amazing either.

    The level of detail in Ion Fury is a bit too much for the software renderer, but not so long ago I fixed NBlood to work on big endian, and I'll do the same with PCExhumed. These two should run well even on G4 machines. I only tried them on big endian Linux, but they are based off EDuke32, so you've already done the heavy lifting. The reverse-engineered Build games are in this fork (they merge the EDuke32 upstream regularly):

    It also has Redneck Rampage, which didn't need any extra work, being based off the Duke3D source code.

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