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    ernsteiswuerfel wrote:
    Strange... Loom (FM-Towns version) just freezes on my PowerMacG5 where it plays perfectly well on my PowerBook G4. Same for Zak McKracken (FM-Towns version), plays perfectly well on with G4 but no sound on G5.

    Both games use .fla audio files. Which version of the flac library did you build ScummVM with? I recall there are problems with ppc64 on v1.3.3.

    I tried to play LOOM yesterday.
    DOS VGA CD version. It has audio track with all game music and speech. Audio track is saved as flac (.fla).
    Loom not freeze, but is completly silent - cannot play flac.

    In this case workaround is simple - I converted flac to .ogg and everything is OK.
    Tested on Pegasos + SBLive!
    It is also possible convert it to .mp3, but in this case during music playing the game 'freezes'. I think that mp3 plays via CPU, but .ogg via SBL!
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