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    OpenGL ES 2 version 2.1 now in testing. (this is ogles2.library)


    Daniel Müßener

    OpenGL ES 2 version 2.1 for Warp3D Nova / AmigaOS4 is on my FTP for testers to test now.

    - added support for so called 2D rectangle textures. The most important difference compared to "normal" 2D textures is that you access it by texel-coordinates and not by normalized UVs. Use GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE instead of GL_TEXTURE_2D for glBindTexture. Use sampler2DRect instead of sampler2D inside your fragment-shaders.

    - consequently, glGetActiveUniform can now return the uniform-type GL_SAMPLER_2D_RECT.

    - consequently, glGet now supports GL_TEXTURE_BINDING_RECTANGLE.

    - consequently, the library's internal patcher enables the GL_ARB_texture_rectangle extension so that the library's internal glsl-compiler swallows fragment shaders which use sampler2DRect etc.

    - updated the glslangvalidator-redux command line program with that behaviour as well.

    - consequently, added GL_ARB_texture_rectangle and GL_EXT_texture_rectangle to the extensions string.

    - performance: lots of micro optimizations (e.g. more branch hints, etc.)

    - performance: VBO multibuffering values further tuned.

    - performance: DBO multibuffering.

    - performance: memcopy-with-stride optimized for different element-sizes.

    - performance: hash-with-stride optimized for different element-sizes.

    Those optimizations gave us some significant gains here and there and especially corrected the slight losses on some games introduced with the last version, but after trying a lot I'm out of more options for now ;)
    Thanks and greets to Kasie Kasovich (kas1e) for feature-requesting and testing :)


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