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    Jim wrote:

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > how about just an updated OpenGL without the complications?

    I'm all for it, but the hurdle seems to be the limited developer resources. And I think that updating to a more modern version of OpenGL by implementing OpenGL ES and using an existing wrapper on top of it is better than no updated OpenGL at all.

    Like HunoPPC's work? What makes OpenGL ES that much easier to implement? And how much performance would be lost using a wrapper?

    The whole idea reeks of OS4.

    As Andreas_Wolf states in a post after the one I quoted above, yes, he was reffering to what is being done on OS4. Maybe something the same or similar could be done to improve the ability to port 3D software to MorphOS. Why would be doing something similar to the 3D work being done by 3rd parties for AmigaOS4 be a bad thing? I think having a compatible 3D support system for MorphOS and AmigaOS4 would be a great thing, as it would make it easier for the limited number of remaining programmers making ports, or original software for both AmigaOS4 and MorphOS, to create software content for both platforms. Hans DeRueter (sp) is doing great work from what I can tell, in expanding 3D support, and writing drivers for newer video cards for OS4. I don't see any reason for Mark and Hans to not collaborate with each other, if they can benefit each other's work.

    Although MorphOS and AmigaOS4 share the same targeted users, I no longer see them as direct competition, the further apart they grow. When/If MorphOS NG for x64 is released, the two OSes will be miles apart and essentially traveling in almost opposite directions. It will almost be like the difference between AmigaOS4 and AmigaOS for 68k, and AmigaOS running via any version of UAE, in regard to users anyway. Many WinUAE users no longer use 68k hardware, and some users only run OS4 via WinUAE. Fewer and fewer users own and use 68k and PPC hardware regularly, and also use any version of UAE. I think that most users have made their choices between hardware or emulation, to reduce redundancy, even if many who use emulation primarily also own real hardware that is stored in a closet somewhere.

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