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    I admit that my knowledge of 3D graphics standards, such as OpenGL, of which MorphOS supports a small amount of with something called "TinyGL", is very weak, and my understanding of programming in general is not much better (or is it worse?), so forgive me if any of these questions don't make any sense, or are very naive.

    I'll assume that supporting a subset of OpenGL was chosen because its documentation is public knowledge, and DirectX versions probably are not (please correct me if I am wrong). I'll also assume that TinyGL was created, because of some limitations of MorphOS which prevent, or make it difficult to completely support even some of the older versions of OpenGL. Or is TinyGL limited because the work to support a complete version of OpenGL just too much work for the one or two developers who probably created TinyGL?

    Is there likely to be any updates to TinyGL, or is it more likely that new graphic improvements for MorphOS will come in the form of SDL updates (I know nothing about SDL either)?

    Is there zero chance that MorphOS will ever get any type of DirectX support, that would allow old games to be ported to MorphOS (like DirectX v9, or even earlier versions)? The one game I currently enjoy playing uses DirectX v12 I believe, it's an old 2012 game that used an even older game engine I think.

    I know that the programmer (Daniel, can't remember his last name atm)who has ported some recent games to AmigaOS4.x, AROS, and MorphOS, uses his own custom graphics tricks and tools, to help speed up and improve graphics display of ported games. Is there any chance that MorphOS will get any new tools, library's, translation layers, MUI classes, etc. that will improve our chances to more easily port games, and other graphical programs to MorphOS from Linux, or even Windows?

    To put it more simply, what is the general outlook for porting games and programs to MorphOS that require 3D support to work, and is there anything that can be done to improve the current situation? What would it take to make porting newer stuff possible, and writing new games and programs natively for MorphOS able to use newer 3D standards?

    If Bigfoot is going to spend his free coding time giving us better video card drivers, it sure would be nice to take advantage of the increased 3D power & speed, with newer games and programs, using newer 3D standards.
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