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    Means that something still not set properly but almost ready.

    If in my .ini I remove the [realms] part or change the file name, that happens too: Comming back to menu.

    I don't know how the rest of the files or scripts could be different from the linux GOG version or a particular hardware system but....

    ... my suggestion is take my original postal.ini and compare to the one that's created inside
    ./PostalPlus/ Now has more parameters to deal and set by default. Could be one that fails.

    But again important now the changes to try are those on ./PostalPlus/postal.ini: The original ouside this dir now is not read.

    Basically all needed should be done "first" with a clean postal.ini and the new one should not be touched (game sets parameters you do in menu, etc.)

    Yes, I know is a bitch to get it running.
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