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    What loosely says is "not found files".

    First of all POSTAL.INI needs this inside:

    File = res/levels/postal_plus_realms.ini

    If "postal_plus_realms.ini" is another thing, then up to you to change it. But GoG files has that on res/levels

    and then if there are errors about sound data files.

    DeviceRate = 22050
    PainFrequency = 5
    AudioLanguage = 0

    But I did it already with the provided .INI in the uploaded pack.

    Remember: The first time game is run, a "./PostalPlus" dir is created and the POSTAL.INI file is copied there: It must be a POSTAL.INI before game is started from scratch.

    Those are the same kind of problems I had with a Debian version done with the same sources till I figured out.

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